History Of Badminton Vocabulary |

History Of Badminton Vocabulary

History of badminton and an introduction to badminton vocabulary similar to tennis or pickleball the object of badminton is to get the birdie over the net hitting it with a racquet this can be played in singles or doubles believe it or not the very first game of badminton was called a Pune in India in 1860s British Army officers posted to India took the game home to England where it became a popular pastime for the wealthier classes in 1873.

The Duke of Beaufort introduced the game to his guests during a gathering at badminton house his home in Gloucestershire the sport was then known as the game of badminton viii serves that the opponent fails to hit for example Jenny’s accuracy means she serves lots of aces base line the base line is the back line of the court for example the shuttlecock landed just inside the base line the backcourt is the back third of the court also known as rear court.


For example I ran to the backcourt to return his log the birdie aka shuttlecock is traditionally a small rubber ball with feathers on the top for example the u.s. players say Verde instead of shuttlecock a backhand is a stroke made on the non-dominant side of the players body for example if his backhand his weak play more to his left side a carry is an illegal stroke in which the shuttle is caught and held on the racket before being released also called a spring or a throw for example the umpire called my shot a carry so I lost the point a fault is also known as a foul shot such as one that hits the net or lands outside of the court for example it is also a fault if the shuttlecock hits the ceiling during rally the center line is a line that separates the left and right service courts for example the center line divides the court into two service courts for court the front third of the court.


For example if you play from the forecourt you’ll have a better chance of hitting a winner home position should be your central position on a court this is halfway between the baseline and net and the two sidelines for example players in singles matches try to get back to the home position whenever they can during a game the service court is the area into which a serve must be hit for example the very first service should always be hit from the right side to the opponent’s right side this is also known as the even service court a rally is a series of shots hit back and forth across the net for example the crowd applauded after watching another long exciting rally a wood shot is a legal shot in which the shuttlecock hits the frame of the racket for example he was lucky when he hit a wood shot and the shuttlecock still went over the net a lek is a minor violation of the rules requiring the rally to be replayed for example unlike in tennis if a server hits the top of the net and then goes over it isn’t called a lek it has to be replayed.


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