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PTV Sports Live Streaming-Live Cricket Match Streaming

Watch PTV Sports LIVE Streaming in HD Live Cricket Match Streaming

Nothing is more frustrating than leaving a stadium where your favourite match is about to begin. Not every time you can get there physically and watch the whole match by swallowing in popcorns, your favourite slush along with bucking up the player to whom you’re badly in love with his performance.

But unfortunately, sometimes you’re all caught up with your professional or personal tasks resulting in compulsion and shortage of time. Due to this, you just don’t have much time to insert your keys in, start your car, and arrive at the stadium to watch Live Cricket Match Streaming & happening to satisfy your sporty spirit. However, there are tons of TV channels available out there; for sporty spirits like you; who specifically broadcast various sports regardless of squash, boxing, climbing, Polo, baseball, cricket or a kabaddi match.

But where exactly can you watch the PTV sport LIVE streaming HD of your favourite sports game? And what are some new sports programs and does PTV sports LIVE streaming work perfectly fine? We understand, your mind is all booked up with these questions due to PSL’s excitement and enthusiasm but don’t worry at all! We’ve gathered all of the answers to these question for your convenience below:

PTV Sports- LIVE Streaming

We can not deny the enjoyment you get while watching the match physically and needless to say, it can not be explained in words. However, there is still another way to experience the current happening of your favourite match, and that option is to go for PTV sports LIVE streaming HD featuring one of your favourite sports. Regarding this, PTV’s subchannel a.k.a PTV Sports stepped into the place, sparked up your sporty spirit and became the one who won the game and got recognized nationwide.

Thinking why?

PTV sports is the sub TV channel of PTV and is one of the topmost channels that broadcast and features numerous sports such as badminton, fox soccer, cricket, kabaddi and various noteworthy other games. It was the first pop up among other channels on 14 Jan 2012. Later, it beat his rival channels and got recognized nationwide by telecasting various quality programs, Live and memorable matches just to entertain and satisfy the hunger of several sporty spirits out there.

While various national sports events are broadcasted on PTV sports LIVE, it also covers international sports events. It has set an example by featuring the LIVE world cup series, test matches, and the flashbacks of past matches and programs when it comes to making their audience happy.

To watch PTV sports PSL Live Streaming, Live Cricket Match Streaming when you’re at the spot where you can’t catch up on your favourite match’s highlights, then the best option is to go for PTV sports Live streaming of the match online. When you’re about to miss your favourite match, then that’s the place where PTV sports step in. It enables you to watch thrilling Sports programs such as ICC World Cup 2023, 2021’s PSL matches and tons of nationwide and international sports events along with various matches, test matches and T20 series that feed the soul of the hungry sporty crowds.

Spotlight Programs On PTV

What distinguishes PTV Sports from the rest of the sports channels out there is its innovative and emerging programs and events regarding sports that appease the hungry sporty souls, are mentioned below:

PTV: Game On Hai!

Do you love to get an in-depth analysis of a specific move of your favourite player? If so, Game On Hai! is the show whose plot revolves around sports analysis that was broadcasted on PTV sports that features the topmost players of different sports events and time. Dr Nauman Niaz arranged this whole program in the honour of cricket, and it’s notable sports personalities. Various other famed appearances that were prominent in the sports sector. Some of the most respectable and loveable sports personalities featured more than one time were: Waqar Younis, Wasim Akram, Shoaib Akhter, Saqlain Akhter and other noteworthy ones.

PTV: Sports Circle

The topmost main PTV channel program was Sports Circle, hosted by a previously serviced cricketer and represented by Amir Sohail and Muhammad Ali Sanwal.

PTV: Kahein Jo Kehna Hai!

This program was represented by Mirza Iqbal Baig that contains diverse segments that sound more than one sports such as tennis, cricket, badminton, hockey etc.

Watch PTV Sports LIVE

No matter how famous sport events, the Asia Cup 2021 has its place because in these events teams around Asia such as Afghanistan, Bangladesh Pakistan, and India play matches with each other to win the trophy when a team of a specific country wins the final match of it. This event’s rights for this event to broadcast this event is reserved by their relative countries.

Likewise, PTV sports LIVE streaming of this Sports event in Pakistan, GTV and Star sports are sport-centred channels that convey the Latest and LIVE coverage of Asia Cup 2021 event in Bangladesh And India Respectively with no hassle at all.

LIVE Cricket Streaming On PTV Sports

A big crowd of cricket enthusiasts live their lives in Pakistan, and their breath runs along with the cricket. Their love for cricket is unconditional, and that’s why it is the most popular sport that is watched by the majority of the people who are in love with the cricket matches. If you’re a cricket lover, you might be thinking what if I’m all booked with tons of tasks, but I want to catch the LIVE cricket match? Then don’t go somewhere else.


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You can still enjoy the live telecast of various cricket matches such as PSL matches T20 and ICC World Cup on ptv sports live pslstreaming. These are expected to be held in 2021 on PTV Sports TV channel where they praise the love of cricket enthusiasts that you can consume the PTV sports LIVE streaming match of your favorite sport.

Where To Watch PTV Sports LIVE Streaming?

So, you’re not feeling sad to leave out the chance of enjoying the match Live because you’ve got another option that is more convenient to you and excites your excitement to the next level and that option is to watch the PTv sports live streaming of you’re in love with. Despite watching the LIVe happenings on TV, you can go for the options that are stated below that can be played on your smartphone which is more feasible to watch when you’re not at home:

PTV Sports Live Streaming On YouTube

After the launch of its TV channel, It’s YouTube channel was launched that also steals the show and got massive attention by delivering the sport-centred best content. The most famous sports events like ICC World Cup 2021, PSL 2021, various programs in which they analyze players’ moves, played in a specific match. It has covered both national and international matches, events and programs regarding sports that result in an excessive love and recognition of PTV sports LIVE streaming HD and becomes Pakistan’s No. 1 sports channel.

PTV Sports LIVE aimed to highlight Live Cricket Match numerous sports games and to be honest, it has done correctly and sets an example and highlighted other ports such as Hockey, Soccer, cricket, etc. perfectly. Though nowadays a video sharing site, YouTube is flooded with tons of Media consistently. Various individuals post the video content, media companies, channels and production houses. Likewise other channels, you can find the PTV sports Streaming HD on YouTube where your favourite sport’s current moves are then broadcasted LIVE on it.

PTV Sports Live Streaming On iOS & Android

Another way to watch the PTV sports Live PSL streaming is to get PTV’s Application that updates you consistently, free to download on your smartphone. There are many sports centres channels out there in the media industry, and some of the noteworthy are Gep Sports, Ten Sports, ESPN sports, and PTV sports. These channels are sports -centre channel channels, and their main aim is to deliver the best news and entertainment regarding sports for sports lovers.

PTV sports channel, which is known for broadcasting PTV sports Live Cricket Match Streaming LIVE PSL sports events crystal clearly, has made life easier by launching an application for both: iOS and Android. Due to this, now you don’t have to worry about missing the updates of a match you’re eagerly interested in. Whether you need an update of a PSL match score or a Soccer match update, it has all the info you have been awaiting.

It makes your life stress-free by updating you with the latest happenings and score while commuting. From hockey to soccer, tennis to cricket, tons of events’ information and updates can be found in one place. One can say PTV’s iOS and Android Application is the one-stop solution for sporty spirits where they can watch the PTV sports Live Cricket Match Streaming  updates that solves all of the problems when you’re on the go. In addition to this, this application is robust enough to give you the experience of PTV sports Live streaming HD with no hassle at all!

Achievements of PTV Sports

From the beginning, PTV has been known for its excellence, and that’s what we can see in its subchannel; PTV sports. This channel has telecasted various sport happening and events, just to entertain Sporty enthusiasts. The PTV sports began in 2012, and from that day till now, it has got a massive response from the peoples around the world. Along with featuring various sport events, it has got the full-coverage of Talking Premier League event which was managed by Tayyab organized. The event was hosted and represented by Qutab Mulla, and two of other hosts known as Khuram Suleman and Osama Malik.

Despite this, PTV’ Sports LIVE streaming HD topmost achievement was the T20 Cup of 2012/2013 under the official Faysal Bank; The tournament match of T20 Cup was held in Lahore. However, two groups were created of around 14 players were created that are given below:

Group A

Karachi Zebras
Abbottabad Falcons
Islamabad Leopards
Multan Tigers
Sialkot stallions
Lahore Lions
Quetta Bears
Group B

Karachi Dolphins
Lahore Eagles
Bahawal Stags
Hyderabad Hawks
Rawalpindi Rams
Faisalabad Wolves
Panteras Peshawar
Not just that, the winners were then awarded the prize cash of 20 million along with a trophy. Despite this, another event that we called the spotlight of the PTV sports channel’s journey sparks when the 4th English T20 Tournament was captured in which three of our participants got selected and stole the show with his great performance.

What National & International Sports Events You can Watch On PTV Sports?


At national level various sports events tournaments and watches were organised for entertainment. From Polo Cup to Wrestling, from Kabaddi to the Gold Hockey Cup tournament, from Quaid-e-Azam Cricket Cup to National T20 Cricket Tournament, from National Football League to National Games event, from National Youth Games to National Snooker Championship are the event that you can watch on PTV sports LIVE streaming HD.



When it comes to international level PTV doesn’t disappoint you at all; It has all the treats for the sporty enthusiast to fulfill their excitement hunger. For this, several events were telecasted such as IPL, Olympics, All FIFAtournamnets, Australian Big Bash T20 and European football League that are some of noteworthy events. Other events such as ICC Champions trophy and, World Cup, PSL,Spanish League, UEFA Europa League, Inter Men and Women Hockey Tournament and Tennis Tournament are included too.

LIVE International Cricket Matches on PTV Sports

No matter how big cricket lover you’re your soul will remain discomfort if you haven’t watched and heard about the international matches that broadcast on PTV sports and those are Gold Cup Hockey Tournament, Wrestling,National T20 Cricket Tournament, National Snooker Championship,Quaid-e-Azam Cricket Cup, Polo Cup,National Games, Kabaddi, National Football League and lastly National Youth Games.

LIVE Streaming Of Football Matches On PTV Sports

Football lovers know how SAFF Champions and The Football Association Challenge Cup are the crucial events. Not to mention the name of UEFA European Championship, Barclays Premier League and FIFA World CUP are the events that a person will regret if he misses.

LIVE Streaming Of Hockey Matches On PTV Sports

Several Hockey matches are also telecasted on PTV sports consistently. Some notable events that stole the attention of hockey lovers were Sultan Azlan Shah World Cup, FIH Hockey World League, Hockey Champions Trophy and Hockey World Cup.

Additional Sports That Broadcast On PTV Sports

N PTV sports you can watch the Live broadcast of various sports such as Boxing, Climbing, Golf, Badminton, Heli-skiing, and Baseball. Needless to say, Golf, Polo and Squash are also included.

Other PTV Channels

Pakistan Television Corporation owns PTV. Likewise PTV sports(Where you can watch PTV sports LIVE PSL), it has some other sub TV channels too. Some of them are PTV Bolan, PTV News, PTV Global, PTV Home, and AJK TV.

How Can You Watch the PTV Sports LIVE PSL Matches?

The Pakistan Super League is a Professional T20 series of matches organized each year from feb to march. A cricket sport event is organized for the cricket lovers in which six teams are used to create teams that speak for six leading cities of Pakistan. The PSL event has got a massive positive response worldwide, and the PSL 2023 event is coming soon.

Most probably, when PTV sport LIVE streaming (HD) the PSL event then chances are you’re busy with your day to day personal and professional tasks. Or you didn’t get the tickets to book your seats in the stadium, or your plan to arrive with your friends at the stadium just got cancelled; making you prioritize your work and comfort instead of joining the cricket-loving crowd of cricket lovers.

But with PTV sports LIVE streaming HD you can get the fun and enjoyment of a match likewise watching it by sitting in the stadium. You can get the ongoing updates of stadium happenings of PSL’s 48 matches while commuting or just sitting in the comfort of your home. Thinking how? Just an internet connection, a device to run the PTV sports live PSL streaming such as computer, laptop, mobile, or tablet is needed to get the unforgettable experience.

FAQ’s: Still Got Questions?

So, you’re confused and Still have some questions regarding watching PTV sports Live streaming? Don’t worry at all! Below you can find the answer to your question popping up in your mind:


Q1. Which country owns the PTV sports channel?

A: PTV sports is the sub-channel that comes under the roof of Pakistan Television Corporation that has various other sub TV channels such as PTV Home, PTV News, and PTV Sports etc.


Q2. What does PSL mean?

A: The PSL is the abbreviation of Pakistan Super League, a cricket enthusiast event where six teams represent Pakistan’s six beautiful cities.


Q3. On which date PTV came into being?

A: The PTV(Pakistan Television Corporation) launched back on 26 Nov 1964.


Q4. Do PTV sports telecasts sports other than cricket?

A: Yes, you can enjoy the numerous programs of other sports such as Soccer, Badminton, Tennis, Hockey etc.


Q5. Does PTV Sports provide the facility of LIVE streaming?

A: Yes, you can watch PTV sports LIVE streaming on their YouTube channel and on the iOS and Android Application too.


Q6. What to do when you have an urgent task but have a great hunger to watch the PSL’s LIVE happenings?

A: Calm down! There’s away, and you can still enjoy the LIVE happenings of PSL’s matches by watching PTV sports LIVE PSL streaming.


Q7. Is it free to watch PSL Live streaming on PTV sports?

A: Yes, It’s completely free to watch the PTV sports LIVE PSL Channel, and that’s what sets it apart from its competitive sports channels such as Geo Sports, Ten Sports, etc.


Q8. Where can I watch the live streaming of my favourite sports?

A: You can watch the live streaming of your favourite sport no matter if it is cricket, tennis or hockey, on YouTube and the iOs and Android Application.


Q9. What things would I need to watch LIVE PTV sports streaming?

A: A good internet connection and a digital device such as a mobile, computer, or a laptop are needed and you presto you’re good to go!


Q10. How to stay updated on PSL’s current happenings while commuting?

A: If you need the LIVE updates of PSL’s match then download the PTV sports application.

Q11. When PTV sports get launched?

A: The PTV sport was launched on 11 Jan 2012 to entertain the nation’s sporty spirits and worldwide.


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